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Area Attractions

Things To Do in Alert Bay

Everything you want to experience and explore on the north island is available in Alert Bay! Whale watching and grizzly bear tours, kayaking, hiking trails, fishing, water sports, cultural history, totem poles, a gallery displaying the work of local artists, The U’mista Cultural Centre is a world-class museum, authentic interactions with the friendly ‘Namgis people, beach-combing, bird watching and numerous opportunities for avid photographers.

U'mista Cultural Centre

Village of Alert Bay

Seasmoke Whale Watching Tours

Sea Wolf Adventures

Alert Bay Art Loft Gallery

Suggested 3 Day Itinerary in Alert Bay

Many of our visitors last year mentioned that they wished they had realized how much there is to do while on Cormorant Island and that they wanted to spend more time with us. To avoid this disappointment, we thought we’d share with you a suggested itinerary for a 3 day visit. Fantastic whale watching and grizzly bear tours are available right here! Make reservations early online to avoid disappointment.

Day 1
Arrive by ferry from Port McNeill.
Walk down to the hotel and get established.
Enjoy a favorite beverage in the sun room or on the spacious deck.
Choose a place to have supper or purchase items to have your own barbeque on the deck.
Stroll around town. Check out the museum housed inside the library, the Art Loft (free art gallery) and the local scenery.
There is often a happy hour and live music at the Orca Inn across the street.

Day 2
Enjoy your pre-arranged tour to view the whales or grizzlies.
Upon your return, have a meal, rest and relax. Or hike on one of the local trails.
After supper, take in a spectacular sunset from your private balcony or on the deck.

Day 3
After a long and peaceful rest, walk down to the world class museum and take pictures along the way.
If available (Thurs-Sat) participate in the cultural dance demonstration in the big house. Tickets available at the tourist center or the local coffee shop Culture Shock.
Collect sea glass as you walk along the beach.
Catch a later ferry back to Vancouver Island and continue your journey.

Additional Suggestions

If you have your own kayak or paddle board, you will want to spend some time doing that. There are no rentals available on the island (yet)

If you are a certified scuba diver, there is some of the best cold water diving here. This company is located in Port McNeill (where you catch the ferry) 

And of course, if you are an angler, there are private fishing expeditions available or right off the public pier in town.

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